One Wheel PINT Specs – Weight Limit Speed & range Electric Board Review

Buy One wheel Pint Self-Balancing Electric Skateboard Specs -weight limit speed & range Electric Board one wheel pint review

One wheel pint Review People who are looking to buy a one-wheel pint electric board must read this information before buying. Onewheel inc introduced a wheel board for fast travel walkers with good speed to read and explore more streets or roads with one wheel pint self-Balancing Electric Skateboard 🙂 Most of the digital influencers recommend Onewheel pint as cheap in price and budget-friendly board.

Future Motion’s Onewheel electric boards one wheel Kickstarter have added power and range over the years, but accessibility? Not so much. They’ve still been expensive and intimidating, not to mention clunky to carry around.

That’s where the just-unveiled Onewheel Pint might help. It’s not only more affordable (relatively speaking) at $950, as compared with one wheel XR which is 1799 USD.

it’s gentler on newcomers who’d otherwise worry about crashing out one wheel skateboard price one wheel pint top speed.


“One wheel PINT little ripper hits the sweet spot between price, performance, and practicality”

Onewheel PINT and XR

Onewheel PINT Skateboard Specs Weight and Speed Review

Finally, here’s the specs list. Approximate unit conversations are as those provided by Future Motion: Do you know what is one wheel weight limit?  Onewheel weight Review

  • Motor: 750W Hypercore® hub motor

  • Battery: NMC

  • Sensors: Solid state MEMS 6-DOF

  • Tire: 10.5in x 4.5-6in Onewheel

  • Max lean angle: >30 degrees

  • Size: 8.75in x 10.5in x 27in (222mm x 266mm x 689mm)

  • Weight: 23lbs aprox 12 Kg (one wheel weight)Onewheel Pint Skateboard PriceThis is the official price for one wheel pint skateboard $950.00

  • Shipping: FREE SHIPPING (USA, LOWER 48) ON ALL ORDERS OVER $100 (LIMITED TIME ONLY)! As low as $59/month with Klarna New Orders Shipping September 2019  Do you know what is one one wheel xr weight limit ? small light nimble 6-8miRANGE: 16mph TOP SPEED

What’s in the box: Pint, Pint Home Charger, Dark Gray MaghandleThis warranty by the LIMITED WARRANTY coverage supplied by Future Motion USA.

Onewheel Pint electric skateboard  with bundles starting at $950

OneWheel pint Top Speed

if you are looking for one wheel pint max speed it’s mentioned in detail below.

  • 6-8 mile range (10-13 kilometers) 16 mph Top speed (26kph) one wheel pint top speed120 minutes recharge time for a full charge
    50 minutes with Optional Pint UltrachargerDigital shaping Control the way your board rides.
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OneWheel pint Weight

it does contain almost 12KG Normally

  • 23lbs approx 12 Kg (one wheel weight) Onewheel Pint Skateboard PriceThis is the official price for one wheel pint skateboard $950.00

OneWheel pint Battery Specs

Onewheel contains Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide (NMC) 324Wh 63V

Onewheel Pint Features: Onewheel plus specs

At just 27 inches long, Pint fits in your life. Take it on the bus, set it next to you at the coffee shop or stash it under your desk. Pint features Lightbar integrated into the front footpad for sense pad indication, battery monitoring and in-ride alerts. Stick the landing. Pint features Simplestop dismount technology, enabling new riders to learn to ride quickly and feel confident. There is more to Pint than one big wheel in the center. It is highly integrated piece of high tech machinery with more to it than first meets the eye.


one wheel skateboard amazon UK USA Canada with high-speed DIY rental buy online from amazon eBay review.


how much does a onewheel pint weight?

The Onewheel Pint weighs approximately 23 pounds (10.4 kilograms).