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Bicycle Parking Rack The world’s largest bike garage Dutch take cycling to a new level


Dutch takes cycling to a new level, bicycle parking rack make up inspired to with world’s biggest multistorey bike park it’s in Netherland town, In the Netherlands,todays youge genteration addited to Tech Gadgets and Digital world is more important then natural life, People who Loves Photography Buys DSLR Cameras and in Netherlands its bicycle where there are more cycling bikes than people, serious money is being spent encouraging even more people to get on their bike Bicycle Parking Rack near me.

“Historically, the Dutch have always been fervent cyclists,” says Ector Hoogstad Architects. “This enthusiasm is now growing even further as cycling is being discovered as a key ingredient of the sustainable city. New bicycle typologies such as the introduction of the so-called e-bike are helping to amplify this shift in mass transportation. More and more public transport hubs will be complemented with extensive and user-friendly amenities for cyclists, as increasing amounts of people begin to favor the combination of cycling and public transport over car use.”The national railway service NS is investing tens of millions in bike parking, according to its spokesman, Geert Koolen. “We have over 1 million train passengers a day and in our bigger cities – like Utrecht – more than half arrive at the station by bike,” he said. “At Dutch stations, there are some 490,000 parking spaces for bikes and we expect 5 million bicycle rides on OV-fiets [shared public transport bikes] in 2020.”

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UK Have Big Bicycle Parking Center bicycle parking rack

bicycle parking rack dutch

The three story bicycle parking rack bicycle parking center is located directly below the station’s public square and is designed to offer cyclists convenience, speed and safety. The layout, therefore, allows cyclists to ride straight into the facility, with lanes weaving through the structure to accommodate a fast and fluid entry and exit in both directions.

bicycle parking rack dutch

Similar to modern car parks, a digital system will direct cyclists to available parking spots and the walls are color-coded to indicate the different routes. Uses can pay for the bike parking by scanning their public transport pass to save time and the facility will have plenty of staff on hand to assist cyclists if needed. There will also be a bike repair shop and bicycle rental outlet available.