Best Way to Clean Mechanical Keyboard

This blog is definitely going to help you with finding the Best Way to Clean Mechanical Keyboard. If you are using Mechanical Keyword at home difficult it would be full of dust and small things stuck into keys while punching which may literally get you annoyed and some time is takes hurdles that keys could not punch properly.

How to clean the mechanical keyboard

You must know some of the method cleaning a keyboard but when we talk about mechanical keyboards lots of people event hesitate and don’t know how to clean mechanical keyword in an easy way.

Guys note when ever you wante to clean mechical keyboard you should follow those steps.

Step by Step guide Cleaning Mechnical Keyboard

  1. Unplug your keyboard from Laptop/PC.
  2. Using vacuum cleaner – Yes use close nose vacuum cleaner that can suck all dust and small particles of cookies and dust.
  3. Clean the keyboard with soft cloth pices.
  4. Gentally pickup keyboard buttons those are very easy to detech from keyboard, All key buttons should be wash one by one and you use WD 40 Cleaner which will quickly clean freezed dust particuls from keyboard. you all keys would be look like new.
  5. Also use the upper keyboard frame wached with wd 40 spray and dry it with clean cloth.

Best Way to Clean Mechanical Keyboard Keys

As i have explain in above paragraph best way to clean machanical keyboards keys is too easy. you have to put it down all keys from keyboard and this can be clean with wet clean cloth , or can with alochoel type liquid even you can use WD 40 which very easyly clean the dust on mechnical keyboard keys.