Best Laptop for Video Editing under 700

Best budget laptop for video editing is currently the need of the hour everywhere across the globe given the rise of bloggers and videographers in various social media platforms especially in times of pandemic when most people are propelled to stay at home or have been offloaded from their jobs. Blogging is an actual profession that, when done right with all the details and technicalities considered and a little bit of luck, can prove to be a solid source of income as it already is for numerous people across the world. That being said, with the right equipment, anyone can become a influencer and superstar.

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The best laptop for video editing doesn’t have to be expensive. Because even a model that goes for under $700 can do the job just fine provided it has the right specs. In fact, if the laptop has an HD graphics card, a powerful processor, at least 8GB RAM, and at least 128GB SSD, then it should be good enough for video production. So in this article, we’ve highlighted 8 of the best multipurpose laptops that you can buy today to upgrade your video production workstation.

The Best Laptops for Video Editing & Production

We’ve selected models with touchscreens and convertible designs, so they can double as a tablet when the situation calls for it. Best of all, we’ll show you how much storage space each model has (the specs list gives this info, but it’s not always accurate).

You’ll also find details about their processors, RAM capacities, and even the screen resolution. Best of all, we’ll show you how much storage space each model has (the specs list gives this info, but it’s not always accurate).

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Best Laptop for Video Editing under $700

What To Look For In A Multipurpose Laptop Best Laptops for Video Editing & Production Best video editing laptops under $700 Best laptop for video work Best multipurpose laptop for photo and video editors Best budget laptop for video editing.

Best Laptop for Video Editing under $700 What To Look For In A Multipurpose Laptop Best Laptops for Video Editing & Production Best video

blogger or videographers and earn a fortune depending on how well they showcase their skills.

Video editing is a process of manipulating video footage. It is, in itself tough and challenging work especially if you are not equipped with a laptop that fulfills all your demand.

Good laptops for video editing can be a little daunting to find especially on a tight budget but you don’t have to worry about that because I have got you covered for it! Just keep on reading as I attempt to give answers to your questions regarding the best laptop for under 700. If you were looking for a budget-friendly but also, excellent laptop, especially for video editing purposes, then you have come at the right place!

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Cheap Laptops for Video Editing in 2023

Laptops are powerful equipment more than ever. The level of performance that laptops offer nowadays could not have been imagined back in that time.

Cheap Laptops for Video Editing

Personally, whenever I shop for something I filter the list from “low price to high” while on a tight budget in order to narrow down my options as well as save time and energy and that is what I am going to do for you. Usually, it’s the youth either aspiring to gain fame on social media or pursuing a hobby that mostly looks for cheaper equipment but let it be said, an item’s worth is not reflected by the price tag it carries, in fact, most of the times you will find expensive items to be low quality and not worth the price. Contradictory to popular opinion, cheaper does not mean unworthy or useless, sometimes they end up doing better than an expensive item.

Best Laptop for Video Editing under $700:

Considering the price that you are looking for is very particular, it is important to know the exact features you should be looking for that will not only justify the price tag but also fulfill the demands and requirements of a challenging job. You will need to pay extra attention to the following hardware specifications.

Best Laptop for Video Editing under 700
  1. RAM memory. Your laptop must have enough memory to save high resolution photos and videos to be edited.
  2. Graphics/video card. It allows a PC or laptop to produce graphics and images quickly. For those that specialize in video editing, graphics card becomes an important feature to look for in your new device.
  3. Hardware storage. If you intend to produce content over a long period of time, RAM memory will not be sufficient, you will need additional hardware storage.
  4. A processor. A quality processor is vital for decent video editing.

Additionally, it will be better to keep a few more features in check such as an ergonomic mouse, an SD card slot, and a trackpad to make your editing experience worth your while.

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Best Laptop for Video Production

Laptops have made life so much easier than it use to be even more so now when we have such lightweight, portable laptops that are extremely efficient regardless of how much they weigh or the space they occupy.

Best Laptop for Video Production

When buying a laptop specifically for video production, there are a few things you need to pay a little attention too just to make sure your purchase is justified.

  1. Efficient performance.
  2. Eye-catching design.
  3. Huge battery life.
  4. Has a good selection of ports.
  5. Cost-effective.
  6. Great sound and display quality.
  7. Portable.
  8. Lightweight.
  9. Speedy all-round performance.
  10. Excellent audio quality.
  11. Comfortable keyboard.
  12. Excellent screen resolution.

Due to a combination of slim-line design and powerful hardware, the best laptops under $ 700 can be difficult to find, but when you are thinking about investing o long-term, it probably will not break the bank.

Best Budget Laptops under 700 USD

The right equipment can make your job as an editor so much easier. Though, understandably, finding the very equipment can be a difficult task, especially for those who lack basic knowledge when it comes to technology.

Best Budget Laptops under 700

They say it is a much more challenging task to buy laptop than a car because you can test drive a car but you cannot test use/run a laptop which is why you will need to read, understand and follow these mentioned guidelines in order to make the most of your purchase.

When talking about video editing, some common video editing functions are mentioned down below:

  1. Color correction.
  2. Blurring.
  3. Re-sequencing.
  4. Cut-aways.
  5. Cross dissolving.
  6. Fade in/fade out.
  7. Exposure adjustment.
  8. Trimming.
  9. Frame cropping.
  10. Color adjustment.


When it comes to buying laptops specifically for video editing, there has to be a balance of sorts. If you end up buying an expensive laptop that does not have enough RAM memory or its processor is not as efficient then you have wasted your time, effort and hard earned money. Even if you are not a the-savvy, I am absolutely certain that you will have something to take away from this post that will help you in your new purchase. And so if you intend to consider video editing as one of the means of your bread and butter or if you are passionate about editing, it is important to know that you will need the relevant knowledge which I have attempted to give you to make your journey easier of finding the best $700 laptop.